Celebrating your right to be confident,
feel uplifted and embrace your sensuality.

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Still wondering if this "woo woo" stuff is for you?

Intimacy for the Intellectual is a series designed for those who may consider themselves:

  • "Academics" but not socially inclined
  • Business Oriented
  • First Generation Students
  • From Culturally Diverse Backgrounds
  • From Conservative Religious Backgrounds
  • Have Different Neurological Needs (great for higher functioning individuals)

I invite you to experience the process that integrates the "neck up" with the "neck down".  In succession, we have the opportunity to review important life domains and examine what obstacles you feel are present while also focusing on how to build your strengths.

Studies & Research (Abstracts)

I must admit one of my favorite TV shows was "Bones".  The protagonist - Dr. Temperance Brennan - is a Forensic Anthropologist who is a genius and well renowned in her field; but incredibly dense in regards to social interactions (my therapist brain says entitlement and arrogance but...I digress).  It always boggled me how an anthropologist was so blasé about communication within the workplace, which extended to her social life.  Then, I looked at my own social circle...

...I give this brief explanation because in my interactions, I meet so many people who are incredibly accomplished, intelligent, wealthy and capable BUT still struggle with weaving the social with the sexual.  How does one still utilize their intellect (or even business appropriate "confidence") in a manner that is still approachable for their partner?

Please Note:  This is not a program geared towards becoming a trickster, "be a man/woman", or how to "seduce the opposite sex".

This is a comprehensive set of services including coaching, consulting, tantric education and hypnotherapy that addresses sensitive & relatable topics.

Still Not Sold? what if I told you...

As human beings, part of living healthy lives requires us to seek and engage in intimacy with people around us. The intimacy that we seek can be physical, emotional, conversational, or spiritual but without it we cannot fully lead balanced lives. However, the word intimacy is often only associated with the physical act of engaging in intercourse with a lover, when in reality sex is only a small element of intimacy. 

Would you like to feel more balanced?  As if your interactions are more substantive?  Feel celebrated and understood more often?

Through proper integration of mindfulness based techniques, you will begin to work towards supercharging your interactions, developing new meaning to your actions while also gaining more insight on how to increase your sense of intimacy. 


Well...it may or may not be.  The one thing I require when collaborating is that you TRY.  Although I do not provide psychotherapeutic services through Tantra DC, I do utilize exercises developed in evidenced based practice including biofeedback, hypnosis, CBT techniques and NLP.

If you think you can at least give it a genuine try, then drop me a line and let's see what we can arrange for you!