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Plus Size Passion & Pleasure

Let's dive into allowing you to experience YOUR body. Zaftig. Round. Curvy. Pudgy. Thick. All bodies are miraculous and should be celebrated.

Join me for a series of workshops featuring the strength, vitality and sensuality of bigger bodies. We will move through both gentle and invigorating biopsychosocial (mind-body-spirit) practices with a healthy dose of radical self-love. These exercises will incorporate accessible variations to sensuality, sexuality and endurance.

This series expands on my foundation workshop SSA: Sensual Self- Awareness.  Haven't taken it yet?  Email me for upcoming dates!

Are you ready to love yourself more today?

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  • Will this help me lose weight?
    • Perhaps, but it's not the goal - I want you to celebrate yourself as you are first.  As schematic (how we think/concetualize) shifts occur, you will be able to decide how you'd like to take control of your habits, outlook and routine.  I help to make that into an enjoyable lifestyle.

  • Do I need to be flexible to do this?
    • Not at all!  The beauty is we will adapt to best accommodate your environment to best compliment your desires and abilities.

  • How is this different from regular tantra?
    • I utilize a variety of approaches that incorporate the body as well as the psyche.  Having the "tools" is irrelevant if you never feel confident to use them!  I use my background in mental health and complimentary therapies to developing a coaching series for YOU!

  • What do we do?
    • We first identify your areas of need, desires and how you are doing presently.  We then decide which modalities best support you either as an individual or in a relationship.  The important part to remember is we are focusing on how you can enjoy yourself more in and out of the boudoir - unapologetically!

  • Do I need a partner?
    • Not at all!  You can focus this time and attention on how you can thoroughly enjoy "me time"...whatever that may be for you!

  • I don't feel sexy/attractive enough...what do I do?
    • Contact me.  We have so many tools at our disposal it is not even funny.  Allow me to guide you to a place where we tune-in to both superficial and underlying concerns.

  • I have health this for me?
    • That depends.  If you feel your health issues do not allow for practices like yoga, cardio, excitatory dance practices, breathing and meditation - let me know.  That is the beauty of customization, we make it work for you.  More talk/verbal modalities may be appropriate for you.  I encourage you to take accountability for your health and check with your medical professional. If more physical work is not for you - check out my Clinical Page for Intimacy Coaching, Hypnosis and Tantra Workshops at

  • I'm not plus size- but my partner is.  Can I still come?
    • Absolutely...actually please do!  It not only "Takes Two to Tango", it also involves both partners being on the same page to build and strengthen a relationship...or make a fun time into an amazing one (judgement free zone here).  I welcome you to come either couples or independently to further explore how you can best support your partner while also getting the most out of the experience for yourself.  
  • I'm not plus-size but I don't see anything for me...what should I do?
    • Absolutely!  Working of individuals of a certain size if a passion of mine but I recognize there may be others with needs who align themselves in different categories.  Let's define YOUR path to happiness through self-discovery!


Celebrating your right to be confident,
feel uplifted and embrace your sensuality.