Celebrating your right to be confident,
feel uplifted and embrace your sensuality.

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Elevation & Intimacy Based HYPNOSIS

Sex coaching
Sexuality counseling
Support for gender variance
Instruction in various forms of erotic enrichment that you can share with your partner(s), such as:
Tantric Practices;
Erotic hypnosis; 
Sensate Focus homeplay exercises;
Alternative "lifestyles;"
Online classes & workshops;
Books, DVDs, toys, streaming video;
Guided "field trips" to adult toy shops, other community resources

Hypnosis sessions
Self-hypnosis instruction
Ego-strengthening suggestions
Autogenic training
Hypnotic "desensitization" for worry, fear, sexual "performance anxiety" or other situations
Hypnotic stress reduction
Guided imagery
Hypnotic habit control
Mind-body skills (EFT, other)
Calming and tantric breath instruction
Pre-Hypnosis warm-up activities

Referrals to appropriate professionals as neded

Let Me ask you...are you interested in creating success? Increasing your motivation? Alleviating your day to day stress?  Enhancing your performance in the boudoir?  Last longer while stimulated or gaining more engorgement when desired?  Release the pain from a previous relationship?  Increase your sense of vitality and self-esteem?

If so, then I have something amazing for you to replenish those day to day drains with Hypnosis!

So...what is Hypnosis?​
In the shortest explanation - Hypnosis is a resting state where we consciously guide your conscious mind - or better yet the part thinking about the cats, dogs, kids, groceries - to a resting state so that we may allow the subconscious to receive the positive messages you would like to enhance your life and lifestyle.  Most people report coming from hypnosis feeling calm and relaxed.  The key is that all hypnosis is self - hypnosis and you are thoroughly in control of activating the changes you want to see!

What Is It Used For?
Hypnosis can be used for a variety of topics, some of the most common methods can be through resolving stress and anxiousness, healing from painful past experiences and removing unwanted habits.  Other issues can include: 

 Stress Relief     Motivation     Performance Anxiety
 Self-Esteem     Anger Management     Relaxation
 Sleep Issues     Smoking Cessation     Concentration
 Sexual Concerns     Weight Loss     Test Anxiety

for Intimacy Based Hypnosis, we can focus on:

Low Desire          Erectile Dysfunction              Rapid Ejaculation

Sexual Self-Confidence       Painful Intercourse
Orgasm Difficulties         Sexual Shame          ​Body Image 

Kink & Alternative Lifestyle Concerns        Aging & Disability Issues

LGBTQ & Gender Variance Support & More

FAQ's (well the abbreviated answers)

Hypnosis sessions typically take 1.5 hours (2 hours for Intake) and over time you may only need an hour

You are always in control - I guide you to relaxation 

Hypnosis can be done via phone, tape, video chat in addition to in person 

​More questions?  Let's set up a time for a free consultation!


Additional support is always available to you!

Depending on your situation and interests, you may experience: