Celebrating your right to be confident,
feel uplifted and embrace your sensuality.

de célébration

...In addition to...

Self-hypnosis instruction
Ego-strengthening suggestions
Autogenic training
Hypnotic "desensitization" for worry, fear, sexual "performance anxiety" or other situations
Hypnotic stress reduction
Guided imagery
Hypnotic habit control
Mind-body skills (EFT, other)
Calming and tantric breath instruction
Pre-Hypnosis warm-up activities
Referrals to appropriate professionals as neded

Coaching Can Look Like...

Meditative Practices
Intimacy Focused Hypnotherapy
Professional Snuggle Sessions
Phone/SKYPE Coaching Calls
Personalized Tantric Body Awareness Education
Lingam and Yoni Appreciation Coaching
"Relationship Release" - Coaching and Hypnosis for Healing a Broken Heart 
Dances of Delight (Rejuvenation through Dance)


Sex coaching
Sexuality counseling
Support for gender variance
Partnership Enrichment Instruction such as:
Tantric Practices, Erotic hypnosis, Sensate Focus homeplay exercises, Alternative "lifestyles" exploration
Online classes & workshops;
Guided "field trips" to adult toy shops, other community resources

Coaching Sessions with Desirée is truly a unique experience! Each session is customized in order to allow you the time, space and opportunity to learn, practice and ask questions.  

Desirée utilizes her history as a Psychotherapist, HypnoCoach® and Tantric Healer to keep the space healthy, sacred and comfortable for everyone. To get a better idea of what type of coaching is right for you, feel free to review each section that resonates with you!

​“There is no big mystery to Tantra.  It is in the allowance and grace of the breath.  Breathe easy and naturally and you will open the door to a sacred intent.  With this sacred intent, love making becomes spiritual and holy.  You open the gateway to total joy and you embrace the divine, erotic impulse.  So breathe… and relax.  This is tantra.” ~ Janet Robertson

Overview of Services


Allow yourself to be led through the most relaxing part of your day!

Visit the tabs by hovering over "Intimacy Coaching" to see how we can accommodate individuals and couples!

For classes and groups please inquire via phone at 1-800-688-5485.

Intimacy Coaching

Coaching can occur in an amalgam of ways.  Depending on what you desire to work on and the time frame you choose, we are able to interact utilizing a variety of modalities.

 Coaching is open to individuals, couples and groups to address:

  • Increasing Communication Between Partners
  • Renewing Romance in Relationships
  • Reclaiming Individual Sensuality
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Increasing Sexual Sensation
  • Managing Premature Ejaculation 
  • Stimulating Erectile Dysfunction
  • Alleviating Vaginal Pain & Pain During Intercourse
  • Reintroducing Sensuality for Survivors (on their own terms)
  • Generating Empathy & Understanding
  • Providing Pleasure to Your Partner
  • Providing Pleasure to Yourself
  • "Relationship Release" Coaching
  • Enhancing Cultural Appreciation for People of Color
  • Adapting for Different Bodies
  • Dances of Delight  (Kinesthetic Healing)
  • Developing & Establishing Sacred Spiritual Practices
  • Exploring & Strengthening non-monogamous relationships
  • Support for individuals identifying as gender non-conformant
  • Meditation/Gratitude Practices to Alleviate Stress & Anger

and so much more!