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Intimacy for the Intellectual  There are so many people who are confident in regards to their intelligence but not as much their social dynamics.  That's A-Okay!  For an increasing number of individuals - discovering how to be social, "appropriate" and confident while dating as adults can be difficult.  The beauty is - you are probably a fast learner and will be able to pick up new techniques and skills that allow you be be organic in your intimacy - not a short term pick up artist.  Allow those dendrites to branch and communicate through intimacy!  Are you ready to get more in-tune with yourself?

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Plus Size Pleasure Sex is not limited to individuals of a certain size.  This pleasure based coaching is available for men, women and couples who identify as Plus Size (and open to anyone wanting more assistance) that teaches modifications, builds self-esteem and provides the space for you to build tour erotic vision and identity.  Pleasure and passion for larger individuals is one of my greatest passions and I work with you to discover and enhance your sexual identity in addition to providing feedback, consulting and guidance on how to living a healthy, balanced and blissful lifestyle at any weight.  Interested? Check out page for more details.

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Dating & Mating These sessions focus on expanding your awareness of intimacy, sexuality and communication for individuals - especially single ones!  We consult with people in committed relationships, NSA dynamics or individuals who are Successfully Single.  If you feel you want MORE out of your dating, coupled or single lifestyle, I help you navigate how to get the most out of your interpersonal and individual relationships.  These dynamics include but are not limited to monogamy, bisexuality, polyamory, swinging and D/s and more.

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Plus Size Passion & Pleasure

working to create a world of celebration and

understanding for all people

Experience is everything, and here at Tantra de Célébration, our goal is to spread the message that each and everybody is worth celebrating!  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach against a client-centered backdrop, we collaboratively define your desired goals and design a plan of action for you to achieve them.

Our philosophy is that instead of spending time focusing on destructive and maladaptive thoughts/behaviors; we can facilitate profound change through integrating pranayama,  conscious touch and healthy communication skills that will generate an increased sense of intimacy, insight and joy. 

Additionally, we are able to offer all of our services with sensitivity and respect for individuals identifying as Plus Size! We are here to validate, support and - most importantly - to CELEBRATE everyone...Just take a look around and you’ll see what we mean.

Intimacy for the


Dating & mating (singles and couples)